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Have you wondered where you can find original Italian tights without having to visit Rome or Milan? As a true source of trends and inspirations, Lores online store is offering a wide assortment of stylish cuts and designs perfect for all occasions! From now on you can order beautiful Italian tights without leaving home – have them shipped to you internationally! We are delivering our products to a number of European countries, quickly and safely. Browse our catalogue of fashionable tights, stockings, socks and leggings and allow yourself a little taste of sunny Italy, no matter where you live…

In the table below you will find all relevant information regarding shipping costs and estimated delivery times for the international orders. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at sklep@lores.pl

Country Shipping cost [eur] Delivery time [days]
Czechia ≈13,00 2-3
Slovakia ≈13,00 2-3
Germany ≈13,00 2-3
Austria ≈13,00 3-4
Denmark ≈13,00 3-4
Belgium ≈13,00 3-4
Nederlands ≈13,00 3-4
Slovenia ≈13,00 3-4
Hungary ≈13,00 3-4
France ≈13,00 4-5
Great Britain ≈13,00 4-5
Ireland ≈13,00 4-5
Portugal ≈13,00 4-5
Romania ≈13,00 4-5
Sweden ≈13,00 4-5
Lithuania ≈13,00 3-4
Latvia ≈13,00 3-4
Estonia ≈13,00 3-4

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